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Empowering you to do more without high-cost and long-term commitment is game-changer for you, it elevates your staff and benefits your company and I’m on a mission to make it as easy, painless and cost-effective as possible. Reach out with a phone call or email to get the conversation started. I know you’re going to like what you hear and thank you in advance for considering BASIC MV Reports.

Farley Welch
Portland, Oregon

Each installation of BASIC MV Reports will be customized to your system environment so I bill at a standard rate of $75/hour with a minimum of 4 hours which provides you with the UniBasic source code and web conferencing that will enable you to produce your first report and pivot table. At this point your Unidata staff will be able to use the BASIC MV Reports methods to produce more complex reports/pivot tables without further consultation.

I am available for additional consultation on any of your other UniBasic programming projects at the same hourly rate.