Simplified Unidata Reporting

BASIC MV Reports is what Unibasic programming staff have long needed but never had – a robust, fully-functional, cost-effective toolbox built for users by an IT programming pro with 35 years of experience who gets it because he’s lived it. Finally, a no-nonsense solution engineered from the user perspective to give you what you need and spare you what you don’t.

As a Unidata IT Professional, Imagine Doing All This:

 Access transaction data stored in multi-value arrays.
 Produce reports with hundreds of thousands of records.
 Overcome restrictions on even the most complex queries.
 Improve reporting performance and development efficiency.
 Generate binary data to use directly for Excel pivot tables.
 Enable reporting directly from the user’s desktop.

You’ll Do it All at Low Cost and Without Long-term Obligation:

 No licensing fees.
 Accessible open-source Unibasic code.
 No requirement to install desktop clients.
 Easy-to-learn techniques for current IT staff.

Not Too Good to Be True, The Closer You Look, The Better it Gets.

BASIC MV Reports Core Capabilities

 Generates binary dBASE IV files for use with Excel pivot tables.
 Runs on-demand or using scheduled phantoms.
 Supports any number of simultaneous users.
 Integrates with any menu system that can call Unibasic subroutines.

Easy to Acquire, Easy to Install and Truly Easy to Live With

BASIC MV Reports provides a unique toolset that is fully documented and easy to use. After the installation and completion of an initial project, your Unibasic programming staff will be able to use these tools and techniques without additional support to create custom reporting solutions across your Unidata system.

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